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Just before we get to the registration information... 


Did you know that Kew Little Athletics Centre is run entirely by Parent volunteers?


This is why we need your help!


Parental participation is essential for the Kew Little Athletics Centre to run successfully. No program of Little Athletics competition can be held without the help of parents to act as officials. Each week a minimum of 40 parents are needed to run the Track and Field program(!).  During the Cross Country season parents assist when Kew hosts an event. Assistance is also required for Region and State Track and Field and Cross Country events.


A requirement of registration at Kew Little Athletics Centre is that parents/guardians agree to participate in a duty roster system to help out with one of the positions required to run the program each Saturday morning during the Track and Field season.  Your family will be allocated a duty several times over the season. If you are unable to perform your duty on a particular day, we ask that you please swap with another parent. You do not require any particular skills or  knowledge to be able to assist.  Anyone can help in some way.  Examples include:

  • Measuring jumps or throws

  • Raking long jump pits

  • Recording results

  • Cooking sausages and assisting at the canteen

  • Set up equipment

  • Supervising the children

  • Coaching assistance

  • Packing up equipment


Each family will be rostered on according to the age group of their child.  It is vital that the parent attend this day! 


Finally, athletes must have a parent/guardian or responsible adult in attendance at all times. The Centre and Age Managers are not responsible for athletes left unattended prior to the start of, during competition/training or after the completion of a program.  Children are not to be dropped off prior to the commencement of the morning’s program without adult supervision.

By continuing to the LAVic registration page, you are confirming your acceptance of and agreeing to the parent expectations at Kew Little Aths.

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