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The uniform for summer season internal club competition (regular Saturday mornings at Stradbroke Park) consists of a Kew Little Athletics maroon T-shirt or singlet, shorts and suitable footwear.  A hat and sun screen for sun protection should also be worn.  Athletes will receive a Kew Little Athletics tee-shirt and patch upon registration and payment. 

Competition Centre Uniform is worn for Region, State and Open Day competitions (including winter season/cross country). The Competition Centre Uniform is the maroon singlet or crop top with the Coles patch sewn on (or printed on new uniforms) above the Little Athletics Victoria logo.  It is worn with plain black shorts with no logos/pockets (or new club black shorts with LAVic logo printed on them). Suitable footwear must also be worn (refer to general LAVIC Championship Uniform Guidelines below). Uniforms may be purchased from the Uniform Store (dates advertised on calendar). 

Uniforms can be purchased at Stradbroke Park on Saturday mornings when there is a meet. Credit card facilities are available.


The Commonwealth Bank patch with the athlete's name, age group and registration number must be worn every time athletes compete at Little Athletics (summer and winter season). This applies to Centre, Region, State and Open Day competitions.

Coles Patch

Kew Little Aths will supply all little athletes with a Coles Patch. Coles are the major sponsor of Little Aths and the patch must be sewn onto the Centre top just above the Little Aths Logo as per the picture below.

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