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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When can I join Little Athletics?

  2. How much does Little Athletics cost?

  3. How do I know what age group I will compete in? 

  4. What do the kids do?

  5. What are the events?

  6. Where are the events held?

  7. What time does the program run? /How long is it?

  8. How long is the season?

  9. How are the kids’ performances monitored?

  10. What other forms of competition are there?

  11. What is expected of Parents?

  12. What is expected of the Children?

  13. Is there any training provided?

  14. What about Safety, Insurance and First Aid?

  15. What types of awards/trophies are presented?

  16. What level of ability do children have to have to join?

  17. What is available to children with disabilities?

  18. Is it possible for a child to compete at 2 different Centres?

  19. Can children try Little Aths before joining?

  20. Do I have to wear a uniform?

  21. What footwear should I use?

  22. Is there competition in wet/hot weather?



When can I join Kew Little Athletics?

The Little Athletic year begins in October and runs through to the following August. The Summer Track & Field Season runs from October to March, and the Winter Cross Country Season runs from April to August. The main Information Day is  usually in September. However, you can register here Online during these Season times, providing you are between the age of 5 and 14 (athletes can turn 15 during the season, but must be 14 on 30th September. Cross Country runs events for athletes between 5 & 14(athletes can turn 15 during the season, but must be 14 on 30th September). Click here to learn more.

How much does Little Athletics cost?

In the 2017/2018 season the registration costs per athlete are as follows:

  • Full Registration including Summer Track & Field (Oct-March) & Winter Cross Country (April-Aug): Registration = $190

  • Half Summer Track & Field Registration (February-March): Registration = $110

  • Winter Cross Country Registration:  Registration = $90

Athletes registering in the Track & Field season (October to March) are eligible to compete in the Cross Country season (April to September) for no additional cost.  

How do I know what age group I will compete in?

Age groups are determined by the year and month of birth. Please click HERE to view the LA VIC Ready Reckoner for the coming season.

What do the kids do?

Each competition day, on Saturday mornings, the children participate in a selection of different events that rotate on a 3 week program (click to view). During the Cross Country season the athletes run a single race of a distance consistent with their age.

What are the events?

  • Sprints (70m, 100m, 200m)

  • Middle distance depending on age group (400m, 800m)

  • Long Distance again dependant on age group (1500m) running. 

  • Hurdles depending on age (60m, 80m, 200m, 300m)

  • Long Jump/Triple Jump/High Jump

  • Shot Put/Discus /Javelin

  • Relays

  • Cross Country

Where are the events held?

The Kew Little Athletics Centre compete at Stradbroke park during the Track & Field season. Click to view the Google Map.


Cross country events are held at several locations around the Eastern Suburbs.

What time does the program run? /How long is it?

A Summer morning program would usually begin 8:15am for announcements and presentations followed by warm up at 8.30am. The first events start at 8.30and last event around 11.15am, with the younger age groups possibly finishing earlier. 

A winter Cross Country program commences at 9.30am.

How long is the season?

The Track and Field season begins in late September/early October and runs through until March/April.  It is usual for a break to occur from Christmas until mid January

Cross Country begins around March/April and runs through to late July/August.

Click here for the Calendar with current dates.

How are the kids’ performances monitored?

All Little athlete's performances in all events are recorded during the program.  These can be viewed On-line at the Results HQ website. Please click HERE for more information on accessing performance data.

What other forms of Track and Field competition are there?

During the season, there are:

  • If time permits, joint meetings with Camberwell/Malvern Little Athletics Centre to enjoy a day of friendly competition against other little athletes.

  • Multi-event days provide an opportunity for a 5 event competition day within the athlete’s age group and are scored using a separate points table.  Multi-Event Day Awards are given for the best three scores in each age group, and the best overall U6 – U7 and U8-U15 athlete (for each sex).

  • Open Days - Competition at other Centres and a chance to win medals against other little athletes in Victoria 

  • Regional competitions (for U9 to U15) - Competition with other Centres within a defined Region. To be eligible to compete at Region Track and Field, athletes must have competed at a minimum of 4 weekly competitions at Stradbroke Park by the closing date of entries.

  • State competitions - Children are progressed from Region to State Competition to compete against other regions in Victoria

What is expected of Parents?

Parental participation is essential for the Kew Little Athletics Centre to run successfully.  No program of Little Athletics competition can be held without the help of parents to act as officials.  Each week a minimum of 40 parents are needed to run the Track and Field program.  During the Cross Country season parents assist when Kew hosts an event.  Assistance is also required for Region and State Track and Field and Cross Country events.


A requirement of registration at Kew Little Athletics Centre is that parents/guardians agree to participate in a roster system to help out with one of the positions required to run the program each Saturday morning during the Track and Field season.  Your family will be allocated a duty several times over the season by the Duty Roster Manager. If you are unable to perform your duty on a particular day, it is your responsibility to swap with another parent. You do not have to have been an athlete yourself to be an official and most tasks do not require special knowledge.  Anyone can help in some way.  Examples include:

·         Holding a tape

·         Starting a race

·         Writing up place tickets

·         Writing results on a record sheet or entering them into a computer

·         Cooking sausages

·         Set up equipment

·         Supervising the children

Each family is rostered for duty approximately every three weeks.  A parent or family member from that family is expected to attend on those days.  A roster sheet is issued to you so you know of the dates in advance and can note them in your diary.


Athletes must have a parent/guardian or responsible adult in attendance at all times. The Centre and Age Managers are not responsible for athletes left unattended prior to the start of or after the completion of a program.  Children are not to be dropped off prior to the commencement of the morning’s program without adult supervision.

What is expected of the Children?

Children must:

  •  Behave in a proper manner with their friends and parents

  •  Uphold our motto “Family, Fun, Fitness”

Is there any training provided?

During the Summer season various event coaching/training is provided by a range of qualified coaches on Mondays from 4.45pm to 6pm and Wednesdays from 4.45pm to 6pm. These training sessions are available only to registered athletes of Kew Little Athletics Centre. Monday sessions are for age groups U9 and above to help them prepare for competition. Wednesday sessions are for all age groups.

During the Winter season coaching for Cross Country is provided on Wednesday afternoons from 4.45pm to 6.00pm. This training is available for all registered Cross Country athletes from U6 to U15.

Please refer to the Calendar and Coaching sections of this website for more information on the training that is available each week.

What about Safety, Insurance and First Aid?

Kew LAC has a strict safety policy and all athletes are covered by Insurance provided by the Victorian Little Athletics Association

First Aid is provided by a Safety Officer in attendance at all Kew LAC events.

What the types of awards/trophies are presented?

At the end of each Track and Field season, presentations are made to children based on:

  • The child’s performance

  • The child’s improvement

  • The child’s participation.

At the end of the Cross Country season, presentation are made to the children based on participation.

Click HERE for full details on Centre Awards and Certificates.

What level of ability do children have to have to join?

Our emphasis is on fun, fitness and inclusion. Children can join with any level of skill or fitness. Children are given plenty of encouragement to achieve personal bests

What is available to children with disabilities?

All children are encouraged to join. Athletes with a disability are integrated with the other athletes albeit competing under modified regulations pertaining to equipment and event technique.

Is it possible for a child to compete at 2 different Centres?

Yes, once a child has registered with a Centre they can take part in other Centre activities without further notice. Alternatively athletes can transfer from one centre to another - they will have to pay a fee to the second centre but they do not have to pay the VLAA fee again.

Can children try Little Aths before joining?

Yes, official 'Come and Try' and 'Bring and Friend' days are conducted at Kew LAC in the early part of each season. Alternatively just turn up on a competition day and sign in at the office. Your children will be placed with their respective age/gender group and compete in a normal program.  Hopefully after this opportunity, Little Athletics is for you!  

Check the Calendar for 'Come and Try' and 'Bring a Friend' days.

Do I have to wear a Uniform?


The uniform for internal club competition consists of a Kew Little Athletics tee-shirt, shorts, socks and suitable footwear.  A suitable hat and sun screen for sun protection should also be worn.  You will receive a Kew Little Athletics tee-shirt on registration.


The LAVIC age group patch must be clearly visible on front of the tee-shirt below the KewLAC logo.  This patch has your name, age group and your athlete registration number on it.  The patch must be worn each week during competition on the front of your top – no patch, NO COMPETITION POINTS!


Centre Uniform is worn in Inter-Centre competition and Championships (including cross country). The Centre uniform is a maroon and gold Kew singlet or crop top.  It must have a red IGA patch sewn on the left hand side above the number 13.  It is worn with plain black running shorts with no visible logos and no pockets.  White socks and suitable footwear must also be worn.   Uniforms may be purchased at the clubrooms on Saturday mornings or during training on Wednesdays.  Uniforms are available in size 6 to 16 and prices are as follows:

  • Singlets $25

  • Crop Tops $35

  • Boys Running Shorts $15

  • Girls Stretch Running Shorts $15

For more information please contact the Uniform Co-ordinator Roshni Sharma, 0481 341 895


What footwear should I use?

Athletes must compete in suitable shoes that provide good support. Spikes are allowed at Kew Centre and may be worn by U11 to U15 age groups only in laned track events and in jumps. They may only be worn during the event and must be carried to and from the event. Misuse of spikes may cause disqualification. Bare feet are not allowed at Kew Centre or for Regional and State events. Ask committee members about suitable types of shoes if you are not sure.

Is there competition in Wet/Hot Weather?

During the Track and Field season competition may be cancelled due to inclement weather at the discretion of the Arena Manager in the event of weather conditions that impact on the health and well being of all participating athletes and volunteers. A decision will be made at 9.00am at the club rooms to proceed with or cancel particular events or the entire Centre program, after a track inspection has been completed.  Cross Country competition runs in wet weather conditions.


If the weather is forecast to exceed 35oC for a Saturday athletics competition then the program will commence at 8am with the aim to finish no later than 10am. Please remember to bring along a drink bottle and sun hat.  Sun screen is available at the centre.



This page was last updated on 20/08/17

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