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Recognition and Rewards


Personal Best (PBs)

Little Athletics is all about improving your personal bests so thats why we reward little athletes who continually improve their PBs. PB badges will be awarded to athletes who achieve 5 PBs in younger age groups and 10 PBs for older age groups.

Centre Records

Achieving a centre record is a great achievement - many records have stood for over 10 years. Each athlete who breaks a centre record will be provided with a special certificate presented by our President at the weekly morning briefing. Centre records are also recorded on our website. Click here to view current records.

End Of  Season Awards

Age Award

An award for the top 3 athletes in each age group and each sex will be presented. The criteria are achievement points (see below). Personal best performance points and attendance points are not included when calculating the recipients of each awards. 


Most Improved Award

This is presented within each age group and each sex. The criteria are based on Personal Best (PB) points. The first performance of the season in each event will be the benchmark and PBs will be set from each subsequent performance in that event. PBs set during multi-event competition are included.

Encouragement Award

Presented within each age group and each sex. The team manager is responsible to nominate an athlete for this award with the committee endorsing the recommendation.

Participation Award

Eligible athletes are those who have participated in a minimum of 70% of competition days from their date of registration with a minimum of 5 weeks attendance. An athlete who has already received one of the above awards will not receive a participation award.

Little Athlete of the Year award

8 Little Athlete of the Year Trophies are awarded at the end of each season to one outstanding boy and one outstanding girl in three age categories:

  • On Track Athletes of the Year (U6 - U7)

  •  Junior Athletes of the Year (U8 - U10)

  • Senior Athletes of the Year (U11 - U15)

  • Personal Best Athletes of the Year (U6 - U15).














Understanding your Scores


Performance at KewLAC is scored according to set Achievement Performance Levels. These are set by KewLAC to reflect long term performance levels for different sexes and ages. 

To calculate the Achievement Level (described as a colour) and points awarded:

  1. Locate the correct age & sex,

  2. Match the performance level - e.g. if an U.9 boy runs the 100m in 17.2 seconds, this is a bronze level, given that a maximum of 17.3s is the bronze standard and 16.5s the silver. Any time between 17.3s &16.6s is bronze.

  3. Using the Achievement Points table below, match the points allocated to that level –e.g. bronze equals 10 achievement points.


Every event the child runs/jumps/throws is scored & all are added up at the end of season to determine the athlete’s overall achievement. Kew LAC uses a computer program to record each athlete’s achievement for the season based on results provided by parent recorders on individual result sheets. 

Boys' Achievement Performance Levels

Girls' Achievement Performance Levels

Multi Event Scoring


The Kew Little Aths Multi Event Day provides an opportunity for a 5 event competition day within the athlete’s age group and are scored using a separate points table.  Please click here for more information about the Multi Event Day, to be held on Saturday 11th December, 2021.

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