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February 01, 2020

$73 joining fee for new members!!

As we are now half way through the 2019/2020 season, the membership fee for new Kew Little Aths members has been set at $73 for the balance of the summer season AND cross-country season. Click  HERE to go the registration page so you can join in the fun!

January 15, 2020

Vacant Committee Positions

Kew Little Aths have 6 vacant committee positions. We need families support to make sure the club runs smoothly and that the workload is shared around. Click here to see the positions that are vacant. If you could spare a few hours a week, please email Prez Simon on this link

December 03, 2019

President's Holler!!

Hi Parents,


A few things from the Prez this week……


  • We will postpone the ‘Come and Try’ day until after the Christmas break. With multi-event this week it would be administratively a step too far.

  • We will have a special North Pole Visitor this week who will be dispensing sweet treats. We cannot guarantee they are nut free so please alert us to any child with serious allergies in this regard and / or instruct your child to return all goodies to you prior to consuming any for inspection.

  • Multi-event is the Little Aths equivalent of the decathlon / heptathlon where your child MUST participate in each event to get a placing. Even if it’s an even they are not that keen on (my daughter hated the 800m!). To place they MUST complete each event.

  • Recording for the day will be done on manual event sheets, not Ipads.

  • Last week we had our Littlest Athletes coming to grips with the hurdles (or ‘hurtles’ as I heard them being referred to). We had the hurdles set to their lowest height. Vic Little Aths does not prescribe hurdles for the youngest kids. Our kids seemed pretty happy to participate and were encouraged to by the parents there. Given we participate on a grass track and not a cider / synthetic like most centres the potential for injury is extremely low. That said, it can present a liability issue for Kew Little Athletics and it’s committee. We are happy for the U6's to have a try at hurdles but please be aware that parents of kids participating assume all liability and risk for their children participating in hurdles. 

  • The will be a VERY IMPORTANT parents meeting on Monday, December 16th from 7-8pm regarding the future of Kew Little Aths in 2020/21. Please jot this in your diary. Details to follow.


Be awesome all!


Prez Simon.

Kew Little Aths.

December 02, 2019

December 7, 2019 - 9th weekend back. U11, U12 & 13+ families are on duty!

Hey Kew LAC

Dont forget that we really need your help to make Saturday mornings work. This weekend  U11, U12 & 13+ families are on duty, so please sign up by CLICKING HERE, or follow the link in either the newsletter of on the webpage.

Thank you!!

August 19, 2019

2019 - 2020 Little Aths Summer Season

Great news Kew LAC Families - We are almost back!!! 

Registration for new families and renewals for current families for the 2019 - 20 Little Aths season is open!!! 

This process is completed on the Little Aths Victoria website. CLICK HERE for more information and links.

March 25, 2019

Final Update Email for Summer 2018-2019

Hello Kew LAC families,

I hope you have had a wonderful Summer T&F Season this year. What a celebration with our Colour Run, visit by Darren Borshmann and his firefighter friends with a spray of water, and a presentation/pizza/cake morning. Click on the Facebook and Instagram buttons to view some fabulous photos.

To those of you moving to other sports through winter, we wish you lots of fun and fitness in the cooler months. For those of you who are keen to continue with athletics, you may want to join Cross Country which is run mainly on Sundays from April to July. The calendar has been emailed.

Please reply to this email to be put on our winter email list if you plan on doing Cross Country. Those who don't email back will be taken off the email list and won't receive any further emails from Kew until you join up for the summer season in September.

It has been a fantastic experience getting to know so many of you over the past 3 years as Secretary. Thank you to all my amazing fellow committee members, sensational coaches, on-track helpers, parents and Kew kids. I will be handing over to a very capable Karen Choong in the next few weeks and look forward to seeing what next season brings.

Best wishes,

Facebook: @kewlac13

Instagram: kewlac13

Twitter: @kewlac13

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