Cross Country 2020


Question: What do Little Athletes do in Winter?  Answer: Cross Country!…and here’s why:

  • Cross Country training is included in your registration fee – there’s no additional cost! 

  • Improve your fitness, make new friends

  • Prepare for inter-school cross country competitions

  • Prepare for and represent KEWLAC in the State Cross Country Championships being held on 22 August 2020 – see below for more information

If you’re interested, read on……

Training is held:

  • every Wednesday 

  • 4.15pm-5.30pm 

  • at Stradbroke Park 

  • until and including 19 August, but this may be extended with our couches Manny and Izzy Dalla Costa

If you are interested in attending training please RSVP on KEWLAC TeamApp! Search for ‘TeamApp’ on the App Store, download, search for Kew Little Athletics Centre and request access. Once you are accepted: go to ‘Events’ and RSVP to the training dates listed. 


State Cross Country Championships 

LAVic has announced that State Cross Country Championships are being held on 22 August 2020. This year there is no requirement to qualify for the event – you will just need to register to run!

Here is the link to the LAVic announcement for more information:

If you are interested in attending training please RSVP on KEWLAC TeamApp! Search for ‘TeamApp’ on the App Store, download, search for Kew Little Athletics Centre and request access. Once you are accepted: go to ‘Events’ and RSVP to the training dates listed. 


The season runs from nd April to late July 2020

Come and Run for Kew Little Athletics Centre in the Eastern 7 Cross Country Competition 

  • Events are on Sunday mornings from 9.30am to about 11.00am, at a variety of parks in the eastern suburbs (NB. State Championships and some Open Days are Saturdays)

  • Clubs in the Eastern Metropolitan Region compete each week, taking it in turns to organize one or two events each.

  • Regional Championships will be held on XXXXX and State Championships will be held on XXXXX.

  • You don’t have to stay for the entire duration of the program, and you don’t have to come every week.

  • Cross Country training will start in term 2 on a Wednesday afternoons at XXXpm (TBC)


Course maps are displayed on the day.  Competitors and parents can walk the courses (marked with flags, witches’ hats and signs) if they have enough time before their event. Cross Country does not usually get cancelled in winter due to inclement weather unless the event is marred by lightning.  Contact the Cross Country Co-ordinator if in doubt.


The Calendar above shows the Eastern 7 Events (unshaded) and other events (Shaded green), as well as weekends where there is no competition (shaded pink) during the 2018 season.

All registered athletes must wear their Subway registration patch with their personal barcode to each XC meet

Registered athletes must run in their Kew centre uniform (see picture) - maroon singlet or crop top, black shorts or leggings (no pockets or logos). To purchase uniforms please email us with requirements  so the right size uniforms can be brought along on Sunday mornings during cross country. 


Kew LAC will be required to provide volunteers for our own Cross County Event (29th April) as well as the Eastern 7 Rewards Day (15th July 2108), and EMR and State Cross Country Competitions.

Cost:  Your current LAVic registration also covers you for the Cross Country season. If you are not currently registered a Cross Country Registration is available ($XX).


Come and Try: If you have friends who would like to try Cross Country they are welcome to do one Cross Country event.


Awards: Participation/Season Awards will be given to all KewLAC athletes who compete in at least 5 of the Eastern 7 events (unshaded in above table)

EMR Qualification: Athletes are strongly encouraged to represent Kew in at least 2 Eastern7 events in order to run for KEW at EMR and state comps.


State Qualification *: It is a requirement that athletes must compete in the EMR Cross Country Championships to be eligible to register for the State Cross Country Championships on XXXX 2020 (venue TBA).



Existing Kew Little Athletics Members (i.e. have completed 2019/2020 summer season)

If you would like to represent Kew in the Eastern 7 Cross Country events and join the Kew Cross Country email distribution list to be kept informed of weekly race information, click yellow registration button. There is no extra charge/LAVic registration for athletes who were registered over the Summer Track and Field season.

Want to join Kew Little Athletics for Cross Country season?

If you were not registered for the Summer season, click here for the Little Athletics Victoria website. Registration for Cross Country season only is $XXX.


Once you're on the Little Athletics Victoria website:

  1. Click on "Register Now", then 'renew', 'join' or 'change' (centre).

  2. Enter "Kew Little Athletics Centre" as both the Centre and Club

  3. Click here to calculate your athlete's age group.

  4. Print the invoice/receipt (to show to your cross-country co-ordinator)

  5. Click yellow registration button above to to finalise cross country membership with Kew LAC, join Kew Cross Country email distribution list to be informed of weekly race information and ensure you're all set for the next event

  6. Please bring Proof of Age to your first competition e.g. birth certificate, passport etc. so your registration can be completed and you can collect your barcoded registration patch.


Please allow time to have this completed before your event starts.